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LTAB takes over Toronto


Being its first appearance in Toronto, Louder Than A Bomb showed up louder than ever. Organized by Leave Out Violence (LOVE) Ontario, performers really shook the room such as a bomb might.

Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB) all began in 2001 in the diverse and cultural city of Chicago where it brought out many kinds of young poets. In Toronto, it wasn’t much different. Coming to Toronto meant bringing youth together to share their stories and build bridges across a variety of communities. It did just that. Continue reading “LTAB takes over Toronto”


Monster mayhem comes to Humber

Halloween brings a lot of festive occasions for Humber College including the Monster Mayhem. (Flickr/Kevin Dooley)

Humber College hosts the monster mayhem. This year Ignite set new rules.  Continue reading “Monster mayhem comes to Humber”

Centre for teaching and learning launch

Teacher cleaning chalkboard with duster
Teaching is advancing with many new technologies. (Flickr/omani_89)

CTL hosts a launch party at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus. Continue reading “Centre for teaching and learning launch”

Sex and sleep event at Humber College

Sleeping student
Students often struggle with sleep deprivation. (Flickr/tapasparida)

The sex and sleep event at Humber College brought awareness to sex education and sleep deprivation. Continue reading “Sex and sleep event at Humber College”

Humber Spa has Nudestix event

NudeStix is a popular Canadian makeup brand. (Flickr/latasha jackson-jones)

The Humber Spa has so many services to offer that allow Cosmetic Management students to learn. Continue reading “Humber Spa has Nudestix event”

Cell phone tells all

Cell phones may reveal more than people thought. (Flickr/Moyan Brenn)

Your cell phone may tell more about you than you thought. A new study out of California says molecules on your phone can show all types of things about you. Continue reading “Cell phone tells all”

Canadians disapprove of Trump policies

President elect Donald Trump is expected to take office as of Jan. 20. (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Many Canadians say they are dissatisfied with Trump’s proposed policies. Continue reading “Canadians disapprove of Trump policies”

Vine shutting down

Vine is shutting down. (Flickr/Jason Howie)

Vine is shutting down after three years. Continue reading “Vine shutting down”

Canadian pride on the rise despite recent study

Canadian pride is on the rise. (Flickr/Tom Freda)

A recent CBC and Angus Reid poll said 40 per cent of millennials are not proud of Canada. Students at Humber College say the opposite. Continue reading “Canadian pride on the rise despite recent study”

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