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Sexualization of women in media goes too far

Actress Portia De Rossi smiles on the red carpet for the 2007 Oscar Awards.(Flickr/Pulicciano)

Sadly, in 2016, the scenarios of how women are sexualized still exist. However, sexualisation equates to more than being verbally accosted on the street by a random person.

Media pressure on women has become an astoundingly prominent issue in today’s world. In fact, according to the Canadian Women website, 90 per cent of girls said so. Whether they are striving to be thin or attempting to fit into the unrealistic proportions of a magazine cover model, young Canadian girls are feeling the pressure to be perfect more than ever. Continue reading “Sexualization of women in media goes too far”


Napping important for optimal energy, new book says

Some students said it’s hard to find time to relax while in school. (Flickr/mrehan)

Nick Littlehales’ book Sleep – The Myth of 8 Hours suggests there’s a perfect moment in the day to take a nap that boosts alertness and awareness.

The British sleep guru, who coaches athletes, explains the components to getting the optimal rest. Continue reading “Napping important for optimal energy, new book says”

Natural remedies helping relieve stress

By: Natalie Dixon

Coping with stress can be challenging for students, but some say it can be remedied in homeopathic ways.

Whether it’s taking a bath or indulging in a chocolate bar, Maria Severino, a first-year student at George Brown College, said that natural remedies work.

She said that de-stressing is critical for her because she knows how stress can be hard on the body. When Severino does not take the time to relax she has heart palpitations.

Continue reading “Natural remedies helping relieve stress”

Humber prepares for first Take Back the Night event

By: Lia Richardson and Natalie Dixon

The Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Diversity is hosting a Take Back the Night March in Humber College North Campus.

The march’s goal is to spread awareness about sex violence and victim blaming.

Jade Mclean is in her school placement at Take Back the Night Toronto. She said the event brings people together for a common goal. Continue reading “Humber prepares for first Take Back the Night event”

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