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Remembrance Day: Moment of silence at Humber

By: Natalie Dixon, Lia Richardson and Sargon Jajjo

Hundreds staff, students and community members gathered at Humber’s North Campus concourse to honour members of the military on Remembrance Day.

The event, hosted byHumber journalism professor Carey French, included the playing of the national anthem, the reading of Flanders Field, and several bagpipe players.

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Napping important for optimal energy, new book says

Some students said it’s hard to find time to relax while in school. (Flickr/mrehan)

Nick Littlehales’ book Sleep – The Myth of 8 Hours suggests there’s a perfect moment in the day to take a nap that boosts alertness and awareness.

The British sleep guru, who coaches athletes, explains the components to getting the optimal rest. Continue reading “Napping important for optimal energy, new book says”

Bowmanville Zoo closed after 97 years

By: Kylie Vaillancourt & Natalie Dixon

The Bowmanville Zoo closed for good on Monday after 97 years.

Zoo officials say that the cause of closure was bad publicity. Within the last year, videos have been released by PETA showing abuse towards the animals at the zoo. One video appears to show the zoo owner Michael Hackenberger whipping a tiger as he explains his method for training animals. Continue reading “Bowmanville Zoo closed after 97 years”

Climate change may be irreversible

By: Natalie Dixon and Allyyssa Sousa-Kirpaul

Reports have surfaced that say climate change may have passed the tipping point. According to an article in the Guardian, we are now living in a world with more carbon in the atmosphere than ever before in recorded history. They reported that the levels are unlikely to drop below the symbolic milestone of 400 parts per million of Carbon in our lifetimes, experts say.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced a carbon dioxide tax to all the provinces and territories.

Read more about how carbon dioxide affects people in the infographic.

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United Way BBQ fuels awareness

The aroma of cooked meat filled the air. Music filled students’ ears. As they lined up to grab their pop, students say the United Way BBQ today was a great way to raise awareness of all the various projects they do for the vulnerable. It happened at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus. Humber’s North campus will be hosting their United Way BBQ next Tuesday, Oct. 11.

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Humber prepares for first Take Back the Night event

By: Lia Richardson and Natalie Dixon

The Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Diversity is hosting a Take Back the Night March in Humber College North Campus.

The march’s goal is to spread awareness about sex violence and victim blaming.

Jade Mclean is in her school placement at Take Back the Night Toronto. She said the event brings people together for a common goal. Continue reading “Humber prepares for first Take Back the Night event”

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