President elect Donald Trump is expected to take office as of Jan. 20. (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

By: Natalie Dixon & Lia Richardson

Many Canadians say they are dissatisfied with Trump’s proposed policies. Some respondents expressed their concerns on what Trump’s victory would mean for Canadians. The Forum surveyed 1, 474 Canadian voters. Students at Humber College also express their worries about new president Trump. Some of those included stock market, trade and race issues.

Some of Trump’s proposed policies include the following:

  1. Allow states to legalize marijuana – Trump says this should be a state issue.
  2. Building a wall along Mexican border – He says this will combat illegal immigration.
  3. Constitutional system of government must be enforced – He says without laws, America cannot be a nation.
  4. Immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security – Trump says America must serve its own citizens.

Reporters Natalie Dixon and Lia Richardson have the story.