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September 2015

Fast food fading faster

Burger And Fries
Burger And Fries

There are food options available for Humber College students, but they come at a price.

A medium packaged meal plan for students is $2,850 for one school year which works out to $13.13 per day according to the Humber website. With an average meal costing anywhere between $5 and $10, students with this meal plan can barely afford to eat three times a day.

Adam Brown, 19, a first-year Humber travel and tourism student said he makes his lunches at home. Continue reading “Fast food fading faster”


Money matters

Money students can be saving.
Money students can be saving.

Humber College student Kailey Ashcroft limits her weekly spending to $50.

The second-year broadcast student lives on residence and does not go out much.

Bhavjit Saini, 18, a Humber business student, also limits his weekly spending to $50.

It is part of the tight-budgeting students live with as Ontario students have the highest average debt load. Continue reading “Money matters”

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